Nightmare-Fifth part in Digimon series 'Digimon Unforgiven' by MISTER BIG T

Prepare for the most shocking and oddest part of the series thus faar!
Mimi ran back into the house and gave a scream, making Izzy nearly drop his keyboard.

"What in tarnation is the meaning of this?" Izzy exclaimed.
"PALMON!!! Palmon tried….She tried to….She tried to kill me!!!" Mimi screamed.

Izzy gave a sigh and pushed enter key on keyboard. Mimi was shocked how little he did react.

"Didn't you hear what I said??" she yelled.
"Yes, I heard. And it's depressing, since it only proves Yoleis memo correct." Izzy replied.
"What do you mean?" Mimi asked.

He got away from monitor and she stared straight at it.

"No way…. NO WAY!!!" she screamed.


Gatomon was running down the roads. The rain was still going on. It was wettening her fur.

"If this rain won't stop, we'll all be flooded eventually." she thought.

She began to run as fast as she could towards home of Patamon and Gatomon.

She hoped…That she would make it in time, before the killer could strike again.


"LIGHTNING PUNCH!!!" Veemon yelled and punched the bag so hard it made Patamon fall to his back.
"Wow, you've really improved Veemon. Seems like it did pay off afterall to train." Patamon replied, getting up.
"Don't tell me, you didn't learn anything? You show what you learned aswell." Veemon told Patamon.

Patamon gave a shrug and then got himself ready.

"STEEL FLESH!!" Patamon yelled and flew straight at the bag, making it rip out and it flew towards Veemon, who barely was able to dodge it's movement, before it smashed against the wall.
"Not bad. Not bad at all." Veemon said, admiring the effects of the attack.
"My hands and feet are too small for big attacks, so I use my body for attacks instead." Patamon explained.

Suddenly, the door opened and Gatomon ran inside.

"Patamon! Veemon! I know who the real killer is!! He's a psychiatrist in Kennington Institute!" she yelled.
"We got to get others quickly!" Veemon replied as he began to make move towards door.

Suddenly, Gatomon placed her paw before his chest.

"No. We have no time. If we'd spend time gathering a small groub, he may get away and kill again." Gatomon quietly said.

The two male mons were silent. But finally, they gave a slight nod and they all began to walk towards the huge asylum.


TK raised a cup of water and drank it's content. Just then, he noticed Gatomon, Patamon and Veemon run towards the Asylum from the window.

"What?? Where are they going??" he thought as he began to get off.
"TK….Don't leave me…" Sora whimpered.
"I….I'll come back. I just have a bad feeling about this." TK replied as he left.


Mr.Kendo raised a small calculator and observed Biyomon behind mirror that didn't let her see him.

"Great improvment today…" he thought to himself.

Suddenly, the door leading towards the room was blasted off across the room and it hit the wall. As Mr.Kendo turned to face towards the direction, he saw Patamon, Veemon and one pissed off Gatomon.

"Kendo…I know it… You've killed them. You've killed them all." Gatomon silently said.

Kendo seemed shocked.

"No. I did nothing even remotely to something like that. I studied the mental diffrences of human and Digimon. It's all evident, that Gatomon aswell as Biyomon are the killers." he stated.
"You are lying….. YOU ARE LYING!!" Gatomon screamed.

Before Kendo could speak again, Gatomon suddenly leapt at Kendo and began to punch at him, finally scratching at his face.

"Gatomon, stop!!" Patamon yelled.

Kendo shoved Gatomon away and touched his face.

"Fine. I don't know what made you remember, but I guess it's no use. I programmed the Digi Devices with the help of one Digimon in try to simulate diffrentkind of mental un stability situations. Huge mental unstability, including genocide they do not knowledge takes place" he admitted.
"Digimon? What Digmon??" Veemon questioned.

Kendo gave a laugh.

"The most less mentioned, yet strongest one." Kendo replied.
"Who?? Myotismon? WarGreymon??" Patamon exclaimed.

Kendo walked over piece of wall and part of it turned around, revealing several keys and miniature sized monitor. Kendo dialed small numer combo and suddenly, the wall was lifted.

"In here, is the lair of my Digimon I've created from parts of each of Digimon's code and with certain alternations." Kendo said, beginning to walk into the revealed path.

The three Digimon looked at each other, finally following the direction. They came across rope bridge that rested to another side of small pilar, which seemingly looked like it floated in air.

"If I press this button, I'll call it forward." Kendo explained as he aproached the pilar.
"Stop! Stay away from it!" Gatomon yelled.

But it was too late. Kendo had pushed the button. He then tackled Gatomon down and tried to run past the other Digimon. But just then Gatomon revealed her claws and slammed it straight into butt of Kendo.

Just then, the piece where Gatomon and Kendo were at got too stressed and it broke down, Gatomon falling down. But just before she was about to drop into unknown place, she grabbed hold of Kendo's leg as Kendo hanged from the end of the broken bit of the Rope bridge.

"AARGH! Let me go!" he yelled.
"Gatomon!!" Patamon screamed as he tried to aproach, but just then Veemon pulled him back.
"If we get close, the entire bridge will collapse!!!" he yelled.

Kendo groaned and tried to hang from the bit. Just then Gatomon looked down. And she gave a humongous scream. Every other Digimon looked down aswell.

It looked like Digimon, but it was something way too twisted. It had tentacles and purple skin color. It was roughly the size of the entire room they were at and it began to make it's way upwards towards them.

"Allow me to introduce…. Nolmon" Kendo said, giving a grin.

Just then, Gatomon jumped to hang from another end of the rope bridge, just as the huge Digimon wrapped it's tentacle around where Gatomon had been at, crushing Kendos legs in an instant.

"NO!!! I'm your maker!!!" Kendo screamed as the Digimon pulled him away from bridge and into it's mouth, before going away from sight.

Gatomon climbed back on rope bridge. She looked down. The Digimon was gone.

"Gatomon!! Get away, the Digimon will get you!!!" Patamon screamed.
"No….Don't you get it Patamon? It was not evil, it just was controlled by Kendo. It let us all live." she replied.

Patamon flew at other side and hugged Gatomon.

"I was fearing you may die." he cried against her.

Gatomon suddenly pushed him away.

"What??" he exclaimed.
"We aren't done yet Patamon." Gatomon replied.
"What do you mean? Kendo is dead. Your name is cleared!" Patamon exclaimed.

Gatomon was silent and looked down.

"We can't let that thing live. I…I can feel it's pain and self disgust. It…It wants to die." Gatomon stated, bowing her head down.

Veemon looked down aswell.

"You are right. We must." Veemon gaggled.

Just then, TK entered the room aswell.

"TK!!!" Patamon exclaimed.

But then, Nolmon came visible and bright light shined all over town, engulfing everyone with it.

And so…The reality began to shift to uncover the truth…

Coming next…The conclusion.


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