Don't eat raw meat-Second part in Digimon series 'Digimon Unforgiven' by MISTER BIG T
After such feedback I received from "Digimon:Unforgiven"'s prelude alone, I began to work on a real chapter.

TK placed a bunch of flowers on Karis coffin. The remaining Digi Destined were all gathered to say farewell to yet another friend of theirs who has died.


"This is horrible…Why is this happening to us?" Mimi weeped.

"I'm not as affraid of that. I'm more concerned, if these killings will not stop here." Sora said.


Everyone became all quiet.


"How can you even think such a thing?" TK finally said.

"I'm just concerned of well beings of us all. We don't yet know what killed all of the other ones or why." Sora said, leaning back.

"Actually…I've studied these cases a little and this ones a diffrent." Yolei said.

Mimi brushed her tears away.


"Really? How so?" she asked.

"Well, you see. In all previous cases, the Digi device had been broken near completely. But this time, Karis device was still functionable." Yolei said.


Silence filled the room. Could this be related to the murders somehow? Why would the murder break the devices?



Gatomon was finally beginning to think clearly. She tried to bit her straight jacket. She tried to rip it open. Nothing helpt. She gave a sigh and leaned against the comforted wall.


Suddenly, she blinked. She couldn't believe her eyes. The door was slightly open. But she could have sworn it was still closed awhile ago. She slowly got near it and pushed it open a little with her head, while looking around if the guards were near.


Gatomon got into the hallway and backed up against the door knob, rubbing the jacket, till it was loosened enough for her to break free. She held her sore paws and looked around one last time. She could hear footsteps coming closer, so she quickly pulled the jacket loosely on top of herself and went back inside the room.


The guard came and opened the door and got closer to Gatomon to give her a new injection. However, when he reached towards her, she suddenly bit his arm and pulled her paw and injected the drugs in the guard, making him pass out on floor. Seeing her chance to escape, Gatomon began to run away, before she noticed three guards infront of her. She jumped into laundry pipe, just in time before they could notice her. Unknown to her however, the doctor who had treated her shifted his glasses a little and smiled.

"The games afoot." he said silently.




Patamon punched the punching bag Veemon was holding.


"I can't believe someone would want to harm Kari." Patamon said, giving an another punch.

"Theres nothing we can do about her anymore. But we can train so we can protect TK and others." Veemon said, holding the bag still.


Patamon breathed hard and dropped the gloves.


"Your turn Veemon." he said.

"You know what I was just wondering about?" Veemon said, as he was putting the gloves on.

"What is it?" Patamon said, taking sip of water.

"See, first person who died was Davis… That was last monday. Then Matt died and that was thursday." Veemon said.

"Yes?" Patamon said.

"And it's wednesday now." Veemon said, punching the bag few times.

"Wait, are you saying that…" Patamon said, placing the bottle on a seat nearby.

"The killer may strike again tomorrow. And it may be an another girl…Or a guy." Veemon said.




TK walked with Sora towards home.


"TK… I'm sorry about Kari. And…I'm sorry you must take care of Veemon too, it must be real hard." she spoke up.

"Kari…Used to help in taking care of them." TK said, looking down for a second.

"I'm so sorry TK… So, so sorry…" Sora said and hugged TK gently.

"Thankyou Sora… You are a true friend." TK said, smiling a little.


The two continued to walk.


"Ummm, TK? What do you think of what Yolei said?" Sora said.

"You mean about all other devices being broken? I don't know, but I've got a feeling that if we'll open the device, we'll learn more about all this." TK said.
"TK, do you know what day it is today?" Sora said ,suddenly giggling.

"Uhh, no I don't. What day it is?" TK asked and stopped moving.


Sora placed her hands on top of TK's.


"Today was the day we first time got to talk together." Sora said, smiling.
"You actually remember that? Who cares about day like that on times like this?" TK said, not being able to hide his amazement.

Sora suddenly looked annoyed.


"I do." she said.


Before TK could say sorry or even ask what she meant, Sora suddenly burst into tears.


"S…Sora?" TK said, when Sora hugged against him.

"I'm sorry, I'm just being stupid." Sora said.

"No you are not, but Sora…Why is this day so important to you?" TK asked.

"Because…" Sora said, looking down.


Suddenly a loud thunder interrupted the two.

"Ah, shit it's going to rain soon!" Sora said.

"Don't let that bother. Why is this day so important?"

"Because… Because…" she said, looking left and right as in seeing no ones watching.

"Sora?" TK asked.

"Because on this day you took my heart."


The thunder stroke again.


"Okay Sora. That's not something to joke about." TK said, kinda angrily.

"I'd never joke about something like this right now!!" Sora said, looking directly at TK's eyes.

"Why Sora, why do you tell me this? Why now at times like this?" TK said, nearly shouting.



"Because….I don't know if I soon ever will have the chance to say so." Sora said, looking down.


Raindrops. Rain starts and ends life. And so does human. Red. The color of blood. Color that embraces my hands… Why… Why must the humans torture me so…


Gatomon gave a gough. The rain was starting to make her get wet. She covered her eyes with her paw, trying to manage to go forward. It was starting to rain real hard. Suddenly, however, she noticed two familiar people. TK and Sora! She started to run towards the two.

"TK! Sora!" she yelled.

"Gatomon?" TK said, turning to direction of the voice.

"What? Gatomon, where have you been?" Sora said, when Gatomon ran to hug the two.

Gatomon looked to the direction of the asylumn.


"They…They think I've killed Kari. And they locked me up in there, oh please help me."

"Okay, I'll help you." TK said.


Suddenly, Sora took hold of TK's shoulders.


"TK, you've got your hands full of supporting the two Digimon you have already now. Let me take care of Gatomon." She said.

"You are right. Having two Digimon to protect may give us better chance of survival anyway…" TK said, wiping the water off.


TK ran off to direction of his house. Gatomon and Sora ran off to her house.




Yolei suddenly raised up and pulled a phone.


"I must warn the others! They are in great danger!" she thought to herself.


The phone of Sora was ringing.

"Come on Sora, please answer…" Yolei thought to herself.


Suddenly, the phone was picked up by Biyomon.


"Sora?" Yolei asked.

"No, Soras out. This is Biyomon speaking, may I leave a message?"

"Biyomon! You've got to warn Sora and others! The killer it's… Yolei shouted, when suddenly the line went down.

"Yolei?" Biyomon asked.




"Yolei?!" Biyomon shouted into the phone.

The phone was hanging from it's cord over the dead body of Yolei.


Veemon shook his head after hearing the news few days later.


"It's worse than I thought. Theres no pattern in the killings at all… We…We cannot know when the murderer strikes again…" he said as he hang the phone up.


To be continued…


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