Holy Cross-Fourth part in Digimon series 'Digimon Unforgiven' by MISTER BIG T
And for our main story tonight, we shall answer some questions that have risen due to this odd series.
Mimi gave a yawn and looked through memos of Yolei with Izzy.

"Sheesh that Yolei. She had to make everything as complicated and puzzled as possible." she groaned.
"She must have been suspecting she may be killed. This kind of coding will take me sometime to crack." Izzy said, while pressing keys on the keyboard.

Mimi gave an another yawn.

"Look, I'm getting bored to death in here. I'm gonna catch some air." she said as she raised up to her feet.


The men in white jackets were pushing Biyomon away. She had been placed in straight jacket. With teary eyes, she was looking at her former friends, as she was pushed into a car.

"I…Still can't believe it was Biyomon…" Gatomon slowly whimpered.
"Yeah… I've known her for years. Who could have thought that she was the one who… Well, did it all." Patamon silently wondered.

Suddenly, Patamon noticed how Veemon was leaning against the wall, looking directly at the sky with rain coming down hard.

"You're gonna catch cold like that, you know." Patamon stated.

Veemon slowly turned to look at Patamon.

"Let's go." he finally said.
"Go where?" Patamon asked.
"To the gym. To train. To train, beyond our imagination." Veemon replied.

Patamon couldn't hide his suprised expression.

"But…They caught Biyomon didn't they?"
"That's not the case… I fear that this is faar from ending…" Veemon stated.


Mimi walked and sat on a wet chair, letting water wash down against her.

"Aaah… Finally, peace." she silently said to herself.

Just then, a passing truck sent huge ammounts of mud water straight at her.

"Great. Just great." she thought as she got up and wiped some mud off.

She suddenly froze to that spot. She turned around in an instant and was able to catch only a climpse on the driver. But it was clear who the driver was.

"Palmon!!!" Mimi exclaimed, after the truck.

Mimis head was mixed with thoughts. Not only, because she had told Palmon to stay home, she had also never known Palmon had known how to drive.

The truck suddenly stopped. Mimi gave a smile and began to run at it.

And the smile faded in an instant, as the truck began to back towards her. Palmon HAD to be able to see her.

"Palmon!!!!" Mimi screamed.

She was able to leap just in time to side, before the Truck drove over the part where she had previously been at. The truck continued to drive and hit a street lamp, making it bend against ground and then the truck turned right from interjection, away from Mimi's sight.

"I…Impossible…..Did….Did….Did Palmon try to kill me??" Mimi exclaimed in her mind.


Sora slowly opened her eyes. She saw TK holding her hand.

"T…TK?" she slowly asked.
"Don't talk. You're lucky to be alive." he responded.
"What…..What about Biyomon?" Sora questioned.

TK bowed his head low.

"I don't know what the others did to her…But I swear Sora, she's gonna pay for what she did to you." TK finally responded.
"But….It makes no sense…. She just….Suddenly attacked me…." Sora said, her eyes looking beyond ceiling.

TK suddenly moved his hand to caress Sora's cheek. Sora gasbed and looked directly at TK's eyes.

"Rest Sora. I don't want to lose anyone else important to me." he said, before giving a friendly kiss over Sora's forehead.

TK never noticed as he walked away from the room the tear of happiness that came down Sora's cheek.

"Thankyou TK." she said, before closing her eyes.

Sora? Sora?! SORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sora opened her eyes. The entire hospital was engulfed in flames. Biyomon stood before her and her eyes were fiery red.

"Biyomon!!! What have you done??!!" Sora screamed.
"I had no choice Sora. It had to be done." Biyomon stated, shaking her head.

Sora took hold of Biyomon.

"Did you do something to anyone else?? If you did, I swear I wil…" Sora screamed, waking herself up.

Sora looked around. There were no flames. There was no Biyomon. TK was away somewhere.

"I…..Guess I fell asleep…." she thought.


Biyomon was thrown into a comforted cell. She screamed and ran at the door, just when it was closed, making her beak hit against it's comforted wall.

"Let me go!! This is justice murder!!" Biyomon screamed.

Suddenly, the door was opened again, this time, two doctors took hold of Biyomon, while third one gave her an injection.

"Calm down Biyomon. Calm down." the man who had given the Injection spoke.
"Please, let me out of this. I promise I won't harm anyone." Biyomon begged.
"I'm sorry, I can't do that. My name is KSSSSSH ." the man said.

Biyomon looked at the doctor suprised.

"KSSSSSH ? I…. I heard your name once, you treated Gatomon too, when she was accused of killing Kar…" Biyomon started, then the answer hit her and she began to scream "Wh…What is going on?? Who are you???? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ALL OF US?!?!?!?!"


Gatomon looked herself from the mirror and held the mirrors frames.

"What happened that day Kari?" she thought to herself.

It…Couldn't be related to murder, could it? It was even week before the murder…

Gatomon turned a little. Suddenly out of frustration, she punched straight at the mirror, sending some pieces of shattered glass scatter around floor.

Gatomon was still grinding her paw hard against the mirror. Some drops of blood drippled down on floor. Few tears came down her eyes.

"Why can't I remember?!?!?!" she yelled out loud.
Suddenly, Gatomon could hear a faint voice call to her.

"Gatomon…" it said.
"Impossible…" Gatomon stated.

She looked at sky and saw light and flapping wings as Kari aproached her. She was shining bright. The sight was so beautiful, it nearly made Gatomon want to cry.

"Kari… Oh God, Kari!!!" Gatomon cried out trying to huggle her, but she grabbed nothing but thin air.

Gatomon looked at her paws and then back at Kari, who was smiling.

"Gatomon, it is not yet your time to follow me." she proclaimed.

Gatomon picked a piece of glass and held it against her chest.

"If death is the only way I can ever follow you again, I am willing to go that path!" Gatomon exclaimed.

Kari blew some hair away from her face and lowered down on same level as Gatomon.

"No Gatomon. You are needed by other than me. I have no life, but you must help those who do." Kari told Gatomon.
"Others? You mean, my friends?" Gatomon questioned.
"Yes. Both of our friends. Gatomon…. There's something terrible going to happen. I can feel it." Kari softly spoke.
"But….I can't even remember anything.... How could I help anyone, if I can't even help myself?" Gatomon whimpered.

Suddenly Kari placed her hand slight above Gatomon's forehead.

"What?" Gatomon asked.
"Remember Gatomon. Remember." Kari told Gatomon.

Suddenly Gatomon screamed and fell to her back. Her vision was painted bright red and her ears rang.


"Oh God, get away from my mind!!!" she shrieked.


"Oh, no, no, NO! IT HURTS!!!" Gatomon screamed, rolling on floor.


"Please, stop! Please!!" Gatomon begged.


Gatomon screamed. She finally remembered. And she now hoped she couldn't.


"So, you know what Gatomon? I decided that I want to be engaged to TK afterall." Kari told to Gatomon as the two walked.

Gatomon stopped.

"But I thought you two were supposed to wait till you graduate." Gatomon said in questioning tone.
"Well… There came addition to the script, so to speak." Kari joked.

Suddenly, Kari froze.

"What is it?" Gatomon asked, stopping movement too.
"It's KS…KS…………… It's Mr. Kendo, my medical teacher up there." Kari said, pointing at one window and waving at him.

Mr.Kendo was infact leaning against the glass, watching Kari. He moved his hand slowly across the windows surface, drawing outline of her.

"Did he not see me?" Kari asked and stopped waving.
"I'm sure that's it. Is he nice?"
"Oh yes, he's real nice. He's studied especially SSSS……… He has studied psychology and mind for ages. He has written a book aswell." Kari stated.


Gatomon opened her eyes.

"I know…. I know the name of the killer…. I KNOW HIS NAME!!!" she screamed.

To be continued…


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