The forbidden fruit-Third part in Digimon series 'Digimon Unforgiven' by MISTER BIG T
We come back at my Alternate Universe storyline. This specific chapter may insult several Digimon fans. I apologize.
TK ran after Kari. The two were giggling and happily dancing in bed of flowers. Suddenly, TK took hold of Karis arm.

"I got you now." he laughed.

Kari smiled at him gently, as she turned to face him. The two stayed still, watching each other into their eyes and TK moved his hand to caress her cheek.

Kari suddenly closed her eyes and her upper lip trembled a little. TK pulled up his courage and moved towards her to give her a sweet kiss…

Suddenly, Kari dissapeared into air.

"Kari??!" TK screamed.

He saw blood covering his hand. As he looked down, he saw Kari, deceased and limp.

"KARI!!!" TK shouted, tears falling down his cheeks.

Suddenly, he woke up. He was in a bus backseat. Veemon and Patamon looked at him worriedly. The rain was still going hard and a thunderous blows echoed in air.

"Are you allright TK?" Sora asked, turning to face him.
"Yes…I'm fine. And…Thank you for inviting me to spend night at your place Sora." TK answered, smiling at her.


Gatomon screamed and covered her head with a coat as she ran into the open door leading to Soras home.

"Hurry up Patamon or you'll get wet too!" she exclaimed.
"I'm nearly done, hold on guys!" Patamon replied, gathering few things from the bus luckage section and then he ran to rest of the people.

Veemon gave a sneeze to a hankey and closed and locked the door. Thunder again striked.

"Well, you guys unpack." Sora said as he hugged and picked the sleeping Biyomon up.
"Sora, I was wondering one thing… When will we burry Yolei?"
"I…Don't know….. Sometime soon." TK answered, before Sora could even open her mouth.


Sora turned on the lights.

"So, where's the food? I'm starving." Gatomon stated, feeling around her belly.
"Well, I was thinking at first that we could have ordered a pizza, but since the rains still going on, we can pretty much forget that…." Sora started as she moved over to sofa and gently placed Biyomon on it, before she continued "But, I'm sure TK and I could fix something tasty."
"I'm not that good at making food…" TK protested.
"Oh, come on. It'll be fun." Sora explained as she gently poked his side.

Patamon and Veemon looked at each other.

"What's with her?" Veemon whispered.
"I think she has somekind of feelings for him." Patamon explained.
"Why don't she just say it out loud?" Veemon questioned.
"I…Think she has already…" Patamon answered.

Biyomon suddenly woke up giving a yawn. She was more than suprised to see all her friends.

"Patamon? Gatomon?? VEEMON??!" she exclaimed as she got up.
"Hey, Biyomon! How are you?" Gatomon asked.
"I thought…Well, I heard you were locked up." Biyomon responded.

Gatomon went silent and looked outside at window. But her sight was way beyond the horizon.

"I was. But I….I escaped. I want to clear my name. I could, never ever harm Kari and even less outright murder her." Gatomon whimpered.
"Yes, I'm sure you can help us track down this killer, before he or she strikes again." Veemon stated.
"She?" Biyomon asked, turning her vision to Veemon.
"Well, we can't turn down the factor that the killer may be a female." Patamon replied.

Biyomon gave a cough. Sora hugged her close.

"Are you allright Biyomon?" she asked.
"Yeah, I've been kinda sick today, though." Biyomon stated.
"Did you go out at rain?" Sora asked.

Biyomon looked to right.

"Umm, no I didn't… But, I still kinda got cold. Maybe window was left open." she replied.
"Well, we better seal the windows too. The killer could come from them." TK stated.

Biyomon gave a nod.

"You guys want my help? Since if you don't, I'm going to go lay down for awhile, I don't feel good at all." Biyomon said as she raised to her feet.
"Oh, you can go. You want me to bring something to you?" Gatomon asked.
"No thanks. I'll be better after some goodnights sleep." Biyomon answered.

As Biyomon began to walk upstairs, Gatomon could notice Sora whispering something to TK, while she was smiling.


Veemon couldn't sleep. He gave a yawn and went out of their room to get some water. Just then, he turned around back to where he had left. TK had left their room. Even more oddly were the sounds that were coming from the Soras room. He had no idea what was going on, but he decided to take a peek anyway.

He never, ever even in his wildest dreams could have guessed what was happening.

Biyomon had burried her hand up into chest of Sora. Some blood was coming from Soras mouth.

"OH MY GOD!!! Biyomon, what are you doing??!" Veemon exclaimed. He nearly screamed the sentence.

Biyomon turned to face Veemon.

"Hey Veemon. Don't ask what I'm doing. Don't ask why my feathers are painted red. For I don't know why." Biyomon said with stern voice.

Patamon and Gatomon entered the room too. Gatomon was so shocked, she nearly fell to her butt. Both Patamon and Veemon pulled Biyomon from both her sides, taking her to hold.

"Let me go! Oh God, let me gooo!" Biyomon screamed. She was hysterical.
"I've got her!" Veemon shouted.

But her state had given Biyomon amazing fighting determination. She began to flap her wings and flew backwards, making both Patamon and Veemon smash against the wall behind them hard.

"Biyomon you…" Gatomon silently said, as she took hold of small vase.

Just as Biyomon turned to look at Gatomon, she saw the vase hit her straight over her right eye, smashing over her head. Biyomon fell on her back and Patamon, Veemon and this time Gatomon too took hold of her, making sure she couldn't struggle anymore.

"Is… Sora……" Gatomon silently whimpered.
"I…I don't know…" Veemon answered, avoiding Gatomons eyes.

Suddenly, TK walked up and just as he was about to enter his room, he noticed Digimon were missing. As he gazed back at Soras room, the sight that greeted him was awful. Sora was laying on bed with bloody wound. Gatomon, Patamon and Veemon were holding onto uncouncious Biyomon.

"What the hell happened here?!?!" he exclaimed.
"TK! Biyomon!! He is the killer! I saw her do the bloody deed!" Veemon shouted.

TK felt like his heart rolled a little inside.

"Biyomon….She was…The killer…?" TK slowly repeated.
"It makes sense if you think of it… She had cold. She had been outside, killing Yolei before!" Patamon yelled.

TK took hold of Sora and raised her on her two arms.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Gatomon exclaimed.
"I couldn't help Kari at her point of dying. But I can….Help Sora." TK said as he dissapeared from the sight and carried Sora downstairs.

He immediattly rushed to a nearby phone and dialed emergency number.

"Hello? My friend was in a fight. She got a bleeding wound at her chest. Please, come quick at the address which is…" TK was talking in the phone, while he was pressing the wound of Sora.

Upstairs, Gatomon raised Biyomon on her feet and gave a punch to Biyomons guts.

"That's for Kari!!" she screamed.
"Gatomon, that's enough. We're all safe." Veemon happily stated.

Gatomon was happy. But…Something in her mind troubled her….

Suddenly she gave a scream and she fell on her back, twitching hard as images began to flash infront of her eyes. Images of fiction and fact conjoined, mixed in a boiling mental soup.


Kari was walking down the road with Gatomon down the road.

"You know… I came to realization that life is indeed fragile. How Davis and Matt had….Passed away…. That showed me it. And… I've been thinking real hard on several things." Kari explained to Gatomon.
"What things?" Gatomon asked.
"About TK. You see h-" Kari started to say, but just then she and everything even Gatomon began to blur.

No. No! NO!!!

Just then, Gatomon saw Patamon bent over her, seeing if she was okay.

"Shes coming to her senses." he stated.
"Ka…Kari?" Gatomon asked, still confused about what had just hit her.

Why….Why did it hurt so much to remember? Why??

NO. You hear? No.

Gatomon raised up to her feet.

"I'm…Fine… I saw somekind of a…Flashback." Gatomon stated.
"About what?" Veemon questioned.
"It was week, before Kari was killed. Kari and me went to a walk and then…." Gatomon explained, then stopping.
"Then what?" Patamon asked.
"I…..I don't know." Gatomon answered.

To be continued…

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