Tears of blood - Second part in Digimon series 'Digimon Retribution' by MISTER BIG T
Things are about to pick up.

Sora opened her eyes. Matt was carrying her down stairs. Upon looking around, she could tell she was in somekind of a cave or atleast, somekind of a structure built up around cave.

"Where are you taking me?" she whimpered.
"Hush, all will be clear later." Matt softly replied.

Matt suddenly stopped and put her on ground.

"Welcome Sora to what one may confuse as hell." Matt said, as he pushed one rock in a wall, making the wall's dissapear.

Sora's eyes widened. Huge ammounts of lava were flowing around, burning stakes and people impaled. She was amazed, she didn't suffer from the heat, but she was soon answered that question, before she even had time to ask.

"Do not worry. The flames and heat do not affect you. You too bear the mark."Matt explained.
"The mark?" Sora asked and looked around herself.

She suddenly was shocked, as she felt her chest and realized the old scar Biyomon had caused.

"What is going on...." she softly whimpered.


TK ran as fast as his legs allowed him. He came to halt, as he noticed the pub, where Hawkmon usually spent lots of time at.

"Please, be there..." he begged in his mind, as he ran towards door and opened it.

The sight would have shocked him more, if he had not been just assaulted by his brother who he had thought as dead.

It was Davis and he was tied up.

"What's the meaning of this?!!?" TK exclaimed.
"I don't know, how or why, but I know that he is way beyond human powers. He survived a perfect shot of Celestial Arrow." Angewomon explained.
"That's impossible...Davis...He died over a year ago." TK slowly stated.

Davis smiled and faced at TK.

"Suprise." he said.
"Whatkind of sorcery is this?" Patamon questioned.
"You can kill me, I won't speak." Davis cockingly answered.

TK moved close and gave a slap at Davis face.

"Damn you! Tell what have you done with Sora!!" he yelled.
"What? Has something happened to Sora?" Angewomon asked worriedly.
"Ah, I see Matt had more success than me." Davis said.
"MATT?!?!!" Hawkmon exclaimed and then he continued "I need an another drink."
"Why are you here? Why are you doing this? And are the others alive too?" TK barked the questions.
"As I said, I won't answer anything, but I can tell you this. More shall come. What you've witnessed today, has been just a mere start and a test. Killing me won't make any diffrence either." Davis told to everyone.

TK gave a sigh as he tried to calm down.

"Please tell Davis. I want to know where Matt took Sora." he begged.
"....That, I can't answer even if I'd want to." Davis finally replied with a serious tone of voice.
"Why not?" Patamon asked.
"Because...I don't know." Davis answered.


Sora gazed around the small room she had been left at. Matt had gone off to his own ways, but before his department, he had said he'd want to see one fight to see Sora's powers.

"But I am just a mere human.... I hop....I hope he really isn't going to attack me." Sora pondered.

She was broken from her thoughts as the rusty door opened. Sora gasbed in horror as from the door came a woman, who was yelling and roaring. She had huge strapped mask that covered near her entire face. She gave a groan and ran at Sora, who backed against the wall.

Then, something even more terrifying catched her attention. Purple long hair.

"Y......Yo....Yolei??!?" she exclaimed.

The woman stopped moving. She tilted her head a little.

"You...You are Yolei....Aren't you?" Sora asked.

The being gave a small smile and gave a happy groaning and gently moved her hands to caress Sora's cheeks.

"M...My God....What did they do to you Yolei?" Sora quietly asked.


Veemon looked up into sky, the huge raindrops hitting him against his face.

"Dark clouds are gathering..... I feel that a terrible thing is going to happen." he said.

Mimi got next to him and Biyomon and she wiped her tears off, her eyes red from crying.

"We are gonna die..." she whimpered.

To be continued....


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